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Offering Ad Space On A New Website

If you don’t have the time, resources, or energy to do the work yourself, be sure that who you hire has good references/feedback and isn’t overcharging. You may be able to increase your bottom line just by finding more affordable help, but just be sure you aren’t sacrificing quality – SEO work, customer service, and sales reps are good example here. Giving reasons for why you are offering a lower amount by highlighting some of the website’s negatives can help your cause. Also having the cash and being able to prove it, and helping the seller trust that you’ll take good care of the site are ways to sway them to pick you over someone else, even if your offer is lower. Revenue proof. If needed, ask the seller to provide a video of them logging into their affiliate or merchant accounts and prove it is coming from the claimed URL or associated account.

Pay into the “University of Life” as my Mom used to say, by taking action and keeping notes. Then, take the advice of many a successful internet marketer – once you have a system that works, repeat it! If you do end up losing some money on your first deal, don’t give up. You’ll have more confidence and experience to try again and hopefully make a profit. Another key point is to automate and systemize the website where you can. A site that takes an owner only 5 hours a week to conduct basic maintenance will sell for more than one taking 20 hours a week.

For example, get the “URL channel” reports for Google Adsense. Founded in 2009 Flippa have sold 250, 000 + businesses sold world-wide. Click the banner below to check out some of their current listings. A positive reason for buying an established site, no matter how competitive the niche, is that it has a history of performance to measure from. If it has made $1, 000 a month in profit from search engines, you’ll know what keywords it’s ranking for and where it can be scaled. If you want an all cash deal that’s entirely your prerogative.

If I met you on the street and told you to buy my t-shirt at, you would likely forget that by the time you got home. And even if you didn’t, you’re likely to mistype the URL, get frustrated, and ultimately decide my t-shirt wasn’t that cute. In this guide, we’ll look at how to get started with WordPress ecommerce and the best ways to leverage a WordPress site into a successful online store. Selling on WordPress is a great option for anyone looking to start an online store and get into WordPress ecommerce. Examples include incomediary. com, hulu. com, autoinsurance. com, basketball-equipment. com, etc .

While this is one of the more successful website flips that I personally know on a percentage increase basis, it’s not that uncommon to find. Just like traditional real estate, established quality websites and domains will increase in value over the long term. A colleague of mine bought a site for $2500 that was making $200-$300 a month in profit. He changed how it was monetized and brought it to over $2000 a month, without doing anything to the existing traffic. 3 months later he sold it for $25, 000 for a profit of almost $30, 000.

Selling From Website

Of course, setting up an online store on your WordPress site can be challenging. If you’ve managed to build an entire site, the last thing you want to do is completely overhaul a winning formula by redesigning your entire site. Instead, Selz gives you a couple of great options for integrating your online store and your WordPress blog while keeping both fully optimized for their intended function. Save money by not having to upgrade your plan or change your theme on WordPress. (Think about what your business will need. Do you need a lot of technical support? Make sure you’re clear on what YOU need to succeed). Like we talked about before, you want your domain name to be easy to remember, easy to pronounce and easy to type out.