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Octopath Traveler Is Getting A Mobile Prequel, New Console Game

In fact, the length it takes is often touted as a huge selling feature, promising endless hours of gameplay. In contrast, mobile games are much better aligned with casual gamers, with games that can be played through in mere hours, providing a sense of accomplishment without having to give up your social life to get it. The number of mobile gamers worldwide now dwarfs the number of console gamers at a rate of over 3-to-1, with more than 2 billion people playing games on their mobile devices. Microsoft streaming gaming service will allow gamers to play Xbox games on your phone or tablet and your progress will be the same when you get back on your game console. Mobile games in China have an overwhelming market share because a staggering 95% of gamers in China actually play mobile games.

Mobile Console Game

Some of the best console-quality games on mobile are…well, games that actually appeared on consoles. There are a ton of console ports on mobile, both old and new, and some work better on a touch screen than you’d think—though you can always buy a gamepad for a more console-like experience.

This is not the first time Square Enix is porting a console game over to mobile. Over the years we have seen titles like “The World Ends With You, ” “Chrono Trigger, ” and “Final Fantasy IV” all released for a console at some point and then ported to mobile devices.

Year after year, E3 has proven itself to be the biggest PC and console gaming event in the industry. However, mobile games have slowly begun to take a more prominent role in the conference, thus leaving an indelible footprint on future trends in gaming. Many modern games have become time sinks, often taking 50–100+ hours or more to play through a single game.

In 2018, Game Revolution reported how the global gaming market has grown to $134. 9 billion—nearly half of that value coming from mobile devices. While it feels rapid, the shift to mobile technology has been gradually happening over the last couple of years. Pretty soon, gamers will no longer need an expensive gaming PC or console to run high-quality fps games. Instead, they will only need access to a fast internet connection and a visible conduit like a tablet, slot online mobile PC, or mobile device. Casual gamers make up the majority of worldwide gamers, and it’s these people that gaming companies are targeting when it comes to mobile games. However, many casual gamers are reluctant to spend money on games they believe they won’t be playing in the future. A mobile device is one of the easiest ways to reach a vast market of gamers, so it is only natural that gaming companies are making more games accessible for this platform.

Phones and tablets may not be quite up to par with PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStations when it comes to gaming, but high quality games you can sink your teeth into have become more common on mobile platforms. Growth in the console market has slowed down significantly compared to the heights it reached in 2018. Anticipation for the next-gen consoles already led to lower-than-expected spending on console last year. Due mostly to this, we adjusted our 2019 global games market estimate to $145. 7 billion.